Orange EOY

Orange EOY

Xmas Campaign

Orange EOY

Xmas Campaign

December is high season for all telcom operators. Traditionally, the month leading up to New Year’s Eve makes up a large part of their annual business. Orange commissioned a full-blown EOY campaign.
Type of work:
EOY Campaign
Publicis Brussels


The Orange baseline says ‘it’s all about what matters to you’. What matters most at the Christmas dinner table is the conversation. So we were asking people to put their phones down and make time for ‘what really matters’. In a warm and human tone, this was surprisingly bold for a telcom operator. We gave it a nice little twist though.

Old Pine Tree TVC

A fourteen year old girl takes us through her house in full Christmas preparation mode, carrying a bag. She comes up with a plan to bring her family closer around the dinner table.

Radio (NL)

Speed up Christmas eve so we get to the presents faster.

Orange - Kaarten

Orange - Socializing

Orange - Sneldiner

Orange - Snelpapier

Project Credits:

Koen Van de Wouw (AD) James Gambrill (AD) Tom Berth & Geert de Rocker (CD)