De Standaard

De Standaard

Newspaper Copy Campaign (NL)

De Standaard

Newspaper Copy Campaign (NL)

De Standaard, grand newspaper dame of Belgian Journalism, needed more subscribers. We asked one simple question: why?
Type of work:
360° Campaign
De Standaard


To show why the journalism of De Standaard newspaper is of such a high ahm… standard, we used the mother of all questions: why? This simple question became the heart of the campaign. Why allowed us to dig deeper and deeper, explaining quality reporting and benefits for readers. Staying curious, keep digging, is something any good journalist would do.


The why question also provided a nice graphical element to our print campaign. It gave a little bit more room for the reader to digest the answers, leading all the way up to the offer at the bottom.


Repeating the why question, like a toddler, gives a nice rhythm to the ads. But it also allows for a playful meta tone of voice, that leads straight up to the benefits for readers. De Standaard is a quality newspaper.


All out of home communication presented opportunities to play with the medium and talk to potential subscribers in a light and witty tone of voice.

Social Media

In social media, we went even more meta, addressing the reader more directly. With subtle twists on the media themselves.

Project Credits:

Iwein Vandevyver (CD)(AD)